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Friend request message

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I am sure you read her profile, saw her photo albums, friends and mutual friends and read her posts before actually wanting to become her friend. So, there. Sample Friendship Request Messages: What to write in a friendship request message to a Girl! If you are looking for a good collection of. The Friendship Settings page specifies whether you require friendship request messages be sent and if so, what the default request message text says.

Friendship request messages are those messages which are sent by a person to another in order to request him/her to become the sender's. If someone sends you a message who isn't connected to you on Facebook, but who we think you know, you'll get a message request. I mean, maybe you're not even really friends IRL, after all. Of course Message requests are starting to roll out to all Facebook users today.

Facebook has removed that feature (Sending a message during a friend request) . Instead, you can message that person just before or after you make the friend. What if we could send friend request to player and attach a small message to it? Sometimes people (me included) don't know for what reason. If you remember in the post linked above, I was highlighting that those who do not use personal messages in their friend requests are shooting. With these new tools in place, Facebook is aiming to recognize when someone does that and prevent them from sending a message or friend.


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